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FMHS Stage 'Prents present

April 19 & 20, 2021

FMHS Sudio 'Prents present

Baseball Show
April 21 & 22, 2021

Please click the link below to view or download a copy of our playbill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for supporting FMHS Theatre during this time. 

This is new to us, too, so we appreciate your understanding as we embrace these exciting new opportunities. 

How will shows be presented?

All fall shows and the spring musical will be pre-recorded and available ON DEMAND through Click on one of the posters above to be taken to the ticket site.

What does ON DEMAND mean?

When you purchase a ticket, you will be given access to the production during the weekend the show is running. You will be able to watch the show as often as you like in the 48 hours after you first attempt to watch the show. 

How do I access the show?

If you purchase the ticket at the time you plan to watch the production, you will be given the option to go straight to the show.

If you purchase in advance, you can download the tickets to your device. From the tickets, you can get to the video by either scanning the QR code on the ticket, following the link inside the ticket pdf, or you can manually type in the link to the show and enter the given code.  


What does it cost?

For one person to watch the show, the cost is $10.

If multiple people are watching, the cost is $15. 

This gets you access on one device for the weekend. 

Processing fees will be added to each order. 

Can we access the show from more than computer?

No. Each ticket gains you access from one device, and you can not share access with others.

What device do I need to watch the show?

The show can be streamed to any device connected to the internet and can be mirrored on a television depending on your device capability.

The show is double cast. Do I have to purchase them individually?

Yes. When you get to ShowTix4U, click on the small I in a circle on the bottom right of the show poster. It will expand to show the cast list for that show. To watch both casts, you will need to purchase both shows.

Is it safe to make a purchase through ShowTix4U?

ShowTix4U uses SSL encryption and does not store credit card numbers. Also, their credit card processor has PCI level 1 certification, the highest level of certification available from the Payment Card Industry.


Can I make a donation to FMHS Theatre?

Absolutely! There is an option to make an additional donation when you complete your purchase. 


Was everybody safe in creating these productions?

Students and teachers took every possible social distancing, masking, and cleaning precaution in order not to spread the virus during rehearsal and production.

What do I do if I have an issue accessing the show?

There is a live chat on ShowTix4U, or you can contact our box office manager at

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